Catalina Australian Shepherds


Welcome to Catalina Australian Shepherds! Located in Colorado - Denver metro area!

  • About Aussies

    Aussies are an amazing breed. They are smart, loyal and fun. Are they the right breed for you?


  • Aussie puppies

    We have 1-2 litters of  Australian Shepherds each year. Puppies are placed in their forever homes by temperament. Pets are sold on spay/neuter contracts. We DO NOT breed Miniature American Shepherds - only standard Australian Shepherds.

  • Out and about!

    Click the picture to see who is out showing! Send me pictures of your Catalina aussie out competing or just having fun!

Why choose us?

We do quite a bit of health testing on all dogs that we own before they are bred. We test and submit to OFA hips, elbows and patellas. we run the full Australian Shepherd genetic panel including tests for MDR1, HSF4, CEA and DM and several more.

We raise our dogs in our homes and beleive in very sound temperaments. We temperament test all puppies at 7 weeks and pet puppies are placed in their forever homes byu temperament.

We sell all pet puppies on spay/neuiter contracts and guarantee hips, eyes, and elbows. We have first right of refusal on all puppies and will always be there for you if you ever need to give up your pet whatever the circumstance.


Want to learn more?

We love to talk dogs! Please call or email. I am often traveling to shows and get behind on my emails!