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Joyce Siddall

Catalina Kennels Australian Shepherds was established in 1994 by Joyce Siddall (yours truly).

I have an Equine Science Degree from Colorado State University and bred American Quarter Horses for many years. I wanted to apply some of my breeding knowledge from horses to my Aussies.

I looked at genetics, conformation, and movement, trying to breed superior dogs that were great companions and could compete in the show ring too.

When I began Catalina Kennels, I was living on a Quarter Horse farm in Illinois. In 1998, I moved back home to Colorado with my wonderful Aussies.

Upon returning to Colorado, Dr. Heather Steyn became involved with Catalina Aussies and has been an incredible asset and friend. She has helped me to continue to strive for excellence in conformation, movement and temperament.

We have a true love of the breed and firmly believe Australian Shepherds are amazing animals. They are incredibly smart and can (and will) do almost anything you ask them too. They are terrific family dogs and loyal companions that love to please.

Take a look around the web site and e-mail me with any questions.

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Dr Heather Steyn DVM - now retired in Ecuador

Growing up in the home of a professional dog show handler and breeder is what brought Dr. Heather Steyn to veterinary medicine. Her love of pure-bred dogs, and the dedication and work it required to care for and maintain them, became a true passion for her. That passion turned into a life-long commitment.

Dr. Steyn graduated from Colorado State University (CSU) School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. Her medical interests include small animal reproduction and behavior, internal medicine and endocrinology, as well as management of chronic disease.

Spending 12 years in the veterinary field before attending veterinary school, Heather never lost sight of the drive to learn about, understand, and assess heritable disease and true genetic temperaments in dogs.

Heather was always very active in the dog show world. She sold her practice in 2017 and has started a non-profit organization in Ecuador. Dr. Steyn and her husband, Phillip, genuinely share their career interests as he is a Board Certified Radiologist.



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